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Essential Oils for Damaged or Postpartum Hair

If you know me in person, you probably know that my hair changes color a fair bit. I get bored easy and whoops, suddenly it’s purple. (My poor husband.. He comes home and I’m suddenly wearing a different color on top of my head. He's use to it by now...) But that means… My hair is basically ... READ the POST

Affordable Non Toxic Cleaning Products

Our homes are full of nasty chemicals. This is really an unfortunate truth. Many, many products in our homes contain sneaky things (that may not even be listed on the label!) that are bad for our bodies. Even many “clean” products, still have nasty yuck in them (seriously, look up Mrs. Meyers ... READ the POST

5 Questions that lead to Network Marketing Success

Maybe your sister just started selling something. Or perhaps you have fallen in love with a product and are thinking, what if I could make some money? Or, or! You just know that your friend is having success with Network Marketing and you’re thinking maybe you want to try it too, just with some ... READ the POST

Essential Oils 101: The Business

We’re gonna start off here on a note of honesty. I’ve been struggling to write this third post for the series because I just haven’t found a way to say what I have to say, in a way that comes from where my heart is at. (“What? Series?” Yeah - part one is here and part 2 is here.) Here’s what ... READ the POST

Essential Oils 101: What Oils to Start With

The other day we covered the basics of essential oils, and today we’re diving deeper into WHICH oils you should start with! (and then if you wanna skip to the end, we have covered the Young Living Business opportunity as well.) There’s over 300 oils on the planet, but thats pretty overwhelming! ... READ the POST

Essential Oils 101: Where To Begin

If you’re active on the internet, you’ve probably heard of essential oils by now. Maybe all you know is that they’re natural and people like them, or maybe you have more of a basic understanding of them! Whether you’re a TOTAL newbie, or know a bit, this is you basic beginners guide to Essential ... READ the POST

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