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Our homes are full of nasty chemicals.

This is really an unfortunate truth. Many, many products in our homes contain sneaky things (that may not even be listed on the label!) that are bad for our bodies.

Even many “clean” products, still have nasty yuck in them (seriously, look up Mrs. Meyers cleaning products on the “Think Dirty” app – it’s a super bummer, the fragrances in many of their items are no good! I could go on and on about the dangers of “fragrance” for hours).

There’s actually a term called “green washing”, where they use really nondescript words in marketing, green and bright “clean” colors to make you think you’re getting a safe, natural, toxin free product… except none of the important words are actually on the bottle. It’s just a marketing tactic to make you think that you’re getting something healthy when you’re not.

If it says words like “clear”, “gentle” or “pure” on the bottle, beware! Make sure you check out the ingredients, they will probably shock you!

There’s a solution that won’t break your bank

I know that “chemical free living” automatically makes you think that you’re going to have to get products that are either a) ineffective or b) expensive, but I’m here to tell you that simple isn’t true.

I’m going to breakdown the dollar value of some amazing Young Living products for you and compare them against the cost of something you would find on the shelf at target! I’ll be using a mix of “normal” and “free & clear” products for reference.

With Young Living, you can get your starter kit here and then you will have access to the 24% discount forever! This means 24% off all your household supplies, essential oils, and supplements.

Yes yes, for reals! Let’s get started.

**all prices below are the member prices, 24% discount applied. If you do not purchase a kit to get started, the prices would be regular retail. You can get your kit here!**

Household Cleaner

All purpose cleaner is handy because it’s great for, well, all purposes. Man, what an introduction… *ahem* ANYWAY-

Target: Clorox All Purpose $3.39

Young Living: Thieves Household Cleaner Concentrate $22.50 (Because it’s a concentrate, that actually works out to be 20 bottles, 16oz each for $1.13/bottle)

The Thieves Cleaner is absolutely incredible! And straight up WAY cheaper. The concentrate is super easy to deal with, you squirt a little bit to fill the cap, pour that into your spray bottle and fill with water.

Plus I use the concentrate, a few drops of various oils and baking soda in other “recipes” to create other types of cleaning products- Like making a homemade soft scrub, high powered degreaser, etc- but the price is still way more cost effective than buying a full bottle of EACH of those things, PLUS your regular all purpose cleaner.

If you look at it that way……


Clorox All Purpose $3.39 x 16 bottles (not going to account for the full 20 bottles since you’re going to use about 1 capful of concentrate per recipe below)

Soft Scrub Cleaner $3.99

Method Antibacterial Toilet Bowl Cleaner $3.99

Windex Multi Surface $3.29

Easy Off Kitchen Degreaser $3.99

TOTAL: $69.50….. And a lot of cabinet space

Young Living

Thieves Household Cleaner Concentrate $22.50 for 14.4 fl oz

Baking Soda $.89

TOTAL: $23.39… And it’s safe for your family (plus, smells delicious, and doesn’t take up the entire cabinet under your sink.)

That’s every type of cleaner you need for your home, for under $25….!

Soap & Detergents

Dish Soap

Target: Mrs Meyers Dish Soap – 16oz $3.99

Young Living: Thieves Dish Soap- 12oz $14.00

BUT- The Thieves Dish Soap is highly concentrated, and can actually be diluted with distilled water and baking soda! You can get 3 12oz bottles of dish soap from the 1 bottle of concentrate.

So with that plan, let’s look at price per ounce.

Target: Mrs Meyers Dish Soap $.24oz

Young Living: Thieves Dish Soap (diluted to 3 12oz bottles) $.38/oz

Thieves is a little bit pricier – but according to the “Think Dirty” app, most of the Mrs. Meyers products contain chemical fragrances that you don’t want to be using on your body or your dishes. So with that in mind, it’s only a few pennies on the dollar more to get something way better for you.

Dishwasher Detergent

SO I’m going to be honest, I’m having a hard time pegging down exactly how many loads you can get from a bag of Thieves Dishwasher Detergent. I’ve heard a REALLY broad range of answers, and I think it all comes down to how much you use! Many people say you don’t need very much at all, while other people tend to use a giant scoop.

The stuff is REALLY concentrated, so you can get away with not using very much. I’m going to share low end and high end of the range so you can see what the options are. If I can finally pin down an actual number, I will come back and update.

Dishwasher detergent is one of the next swaps we are making in our home, so I will take a personal count of how many loads I get out of the bag and bring that back here as well.

Target: Cascade Dishwasher Packets 62 loads $17.49 ($.28/load)

Young Living: Thieves Dishwasher Powder $25.50, range from 60 – 120 loads per bag. (Range of $.42 – $.21/ load)

So I know it’s hard to compare the two because we don’t have an accurate number of loads per bag from Young Living, however, even if you take the high end of Thieves vs. Target, like the dish soap, you’re not paying that much more to have something that is plant based and chemical free.

Overall, as someone who is on a pretty strict budget, I feel that the Thieves detergent is something we could spend the few extra pennies on to have something way safer washing the dishes that we eat off of every single day.

Laundry Detergent

Target: Mrs Meyers Laundry Soap $15.99, 64 loads ($.24/load)

Young Living: Thieves Liquid Laundry Detergent $29.50, 64 loads ($.46/load)

Alright, at first glance this seems like a clear choice. But this is pre-diluting! There are actually several options for the Thieves Laundry Detergent. First off, you can split it 3 ways and dilute. That would take you down to a whopping $.15/load!

But! There is another option. You can also use it as a base to be one of those crazy- hippies who makes their own laundry detergent. There’s tons of recipes on Pinterest and I have seen people just add about a cup of the Thieves detergent to give the homemade stuff some extra punch. I can’t really break down the price on that since there are so many recipes, but it certainly is an option if you wanna be that crunchy!

There’s so many more things we could compare

Next week I’m going to dive into more personal care and makeup comparisons – But I’ll break it down in a separate post since this is a lot to take in all at once!

Overall, I feel like when you compare the benefits of having safe, non-toxic things in place of chemical-filled sketchy stuff, the Thieves line really holds up for affordable price. You also have to remember if you’re on Essential Rewards, you get points and freebies back for your purchases.

Actually, let’s just visit Essential Rewards a bit before we close this out. WHY is it a benefit to buy your household products on the Monthly Wellness Subscription? Let’s look.

Benefits of ordering monthly on Essential Rewards

There’s a few big benefits of being on the Monthly Wellness Subscription. Firstly, you earn “PV” points on every purchase you make. You can spend those on products later to get goodies for FREE.

$1 spent is equal to spending 1pv point for most products on the Young Living site. When you’re on Essential Rewards, you earn a percentage of those PV points back. For the first 3 months, you earn 10% of what you spend back. For months 4-24, you earn 20%, and for months 25+, you earn 25% back. So let’s look at what that looks like.`

Months 1-3 Spend $100, earn 10pv points to spend.

Months 4-24 Spend $100, earn 20pv points to spend.

Months 25+ Spend $100, ear 25 pv points to spend.

The second benefit of being on Essential Rewards is the monthly promos. Every month on the 1st, there is a new list of free promotional items released. You earn those items for FREE when you spend certain amounts of money on your order. The tiers are to spend 100pv, 190pv, 250pv, 300pv (and sometimes there is a 400pv level.)

So we’ve got PV points back, free promo oils and products… and ONE MORE PERK-

Every 3 months you get a free oil as a thank you for staying on the program, and the oil you get on your yearly anniversary is a blend called “Loyalty”, which you can only get as that free gift.

Target doesn’t give you free stuff for buying your household cleaner and stress relief items, just saying.

If you’re ready to make the switch

I’m here to guide you! Switching your home from toxins to chemical free is a process, and I am more than happy to help you figure out where to start and what to swap right away.

I’d love to chat with you about a game plan for changing things over. It’s time to ditch and switch bad things for clean things.

Lastly, if you’re more interested in getting started by getting the Oily Premium Starter Kit, you can get it here.

HOWEVER, if you want to kick start and get your household products switched over, you can get started with a Thieves Starter Kit, which contains lots of Thieves line products to help you get your home totally switched over as fast as possible. You can grab that here.

Not sure what to do? Lets chat.

I can’t wait to help you get your home on a safer level with the products you use! Let’s do this.

Bottle of Thieves

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