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5 Questions that lead to Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing Success

Maybe your sister just started selling something.

Or perhaps you have fallen in love with a product and are thinking, what if I could make some money? Or, or! You just know that your friend is having success with Network Marketing and you’re thinking maybe you want to try it too, just with some other product that you love.

Whatever your reason, I’m here to walk you through 5 questions you should answer before jumping into network marketing feet first.

Are you ok with doing work?

Don’t let the flashy advertisements fool you. Yes, many network marketers can sit back and enjoy the fruit of their labor – but Rome wasn’t built in a day. People that “don’t have to work anymore” have built a massive business for themselves- and that was no small task!

You have to be willing to work for this. You have to put the pedal to the metal. You will not be a top enroller in your company if you do not first work your way there by trying, failing, and getting back up to work again.

Yes, you will be your own boss. Your possibilities are limitless – But you gotta work for it if you want to be successful.

So really, truly ask yourself – do you want to put work in to see rewards, or are you expecting this to just be handed to you?

Do you know how to use google?

I’m not kidding. Do you know how to take advantage of all the internet has to offer? Because if you want to to do this, then you have to learn – and google is your best resource for most things!

Everything I have done this far, and everything I continue to do – I reference the internet. I search, I read, I dig deep and look at what other people are talking about doing.

Now, if you don’t know how to harness the power of the internet, you can learn! Don’t let not being internet-savvy stop you, but know that it’s something you need to get comfortable with if you want to learn and grow.

Can you commit to 1 year?

Some ridiculous number like 98% of people who join a network marketing company, quit within the first year.

Well no wonder people swear network marketing doesn’t work – they aren’t giving it a fair shake!

Would you walk into a job in corporate America, sit down at a desk, and after 365 days, just up and quit if you weren’t the CEO yet? Certainly not! It takes years and years, even decades, to reach upper management in most companies – comparatively, climbing the network marketing ladder actually takes significantly less time. IF you’re willing to put the work in… (please reference the first question).

So commit to 1 year. Tell yourself, if go a year honestly working as hard as you can, learning as much as you can, and implementing strategies that you learn along the way, and you see NO growth… then you can say it doesn’t work. But newsflash: if you’re doing all the things, 1 year in the business IS going to produce fruit of some kind.

How does talking to strangers sit with you?

I’m not talking about cold calling her- yuck! But you will eventually start to connect with people who aren’t directly in your circle.

Can you handle dealing with people you don’t know? Can you learn to be ok with it? Network marketing IS a people business. Now, I know plenty of shy people and introverts who thrive – But they DO deal with strangers, too!

Obviously you want to enjoy your job, so if you aren’t a people person, you’re going to have to find a strategy that works best with your personality. Google and researching is going to be your friend here (hey didn’t we already talk about that?….))

You CAN do this without being a people person, but you might have to grow and stretch yourself in this area a bit!

Will you be able to have confidence?

Can you wake up every day and say that no matter how you did the day before, you’re going to work for what you want? Can you be ok with your business starting off slower than you wanted it to?

Are you going to be able to look at a photo you posted, with low likes and no comments, and still say to yourself “I got this – I am chasing my dreams”?

Because that’s what you need to do, every day. When you feel like you’ve failed, show up. Get up from being knocked over and try again.

You are only going to go upward, so climb for it, my friend. Be confident, be willing to learn, settle into the uncomfortable parts of growth and let the work happen.

You can do this.

Yes, you. The tired mama who feels like she doesn’t have anything left to give. The guy who’s getting passed over for a promotion that he deserves and is tired of it.

The overworked teacher who puts in extra hours and extra dollars for her classroom. The dad who wants to be able to retire early and be home with his kids.

All of you. You can do this. You can build something great. And the hardest part, is getting past the fear and taking action.

Every day, I work to set my fears aside, pick up my plans, and head towards where I want to be. I run towards my goal because by golly, I know that normal people reach the top levels of direct sale & network marketing companies every day. And I want to be one of them.

Do you want to chat more?

I’d love to talk to you about all of this. I’d love to connect and chat about what your dreams are, and what you can accomplish. I’d be thrilled to talk all things essential oils and clean living and explore the idea of eventually earning a salary of over $1 million a year with Young Living (yes, check those numbers here).

I’m passionate about people growing and learning. About cheering someone on to reach their goals. I’m freaking obsessed with chemical free living. I’m so so ready to share all of this with you.

Your support system matters

The company you join needs to be something you love, the team you’re on needs to be one that is ready to love you and support you in what you need. If you can get behind good health and clean living, then our team can get behind cheering you on.

We have so so many people waiting to greet you with open arms. We are so so ready to scream “GO ___ GO!” as you crush your goals – but you gotta be willing to take that first step and leap into this madness.

If you’re ready, you can jump right in here no questions asked.

But you want to know more about the Young Living Business? That info is all here.

Lastly, my door is open – come chat with me here.

No matter what you decide, do it with all you’ve got.

Whatever company you land with, whatever goal you set – run. for. It! Chase it down, I know you can. You have what it takes,

Take the leap, jump in head first, leave fear behind and just go.

You won’t regret chasing your dreams, but you certainly will regret never taking the first step.

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