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Essential Oils 101: The Business


We’re gonna start off here on a note of honesty.

I’ve been struggling to write this third post for the series because I just haven’t found a way to say what I have to say, in a way that comes from where my heart is at.

(“What? Series?” Yeah – part one is here and part 2 is here.)

Here’s what I DON’T want to come from this post

I don’t want you to think that I’m just trying to add you as a new number on a growing downline.

Or to think that my goal is to make money off you, whether you like the product or not.

I don’t want you to just sign up thinking it’s easy.

And I certainly don’t want you to order a kit, open the box, be overwhelmed, and then just give up before you start.

Now, here’s what I do want to happen

I want you to fall in love with oils because they are incredible and will help you in so many ways

For you to understand the opportunity there is for financial freedom.

To help you feel empowered that you are capable of doing this business.

For this to be about what’s best for YOU and YOUR FAMILY, not about myself or anyone else involved in your enrollment,

Because all of this information, this concept, this decision – it is for YOU. So please know, from the bottom of my heart, that this entire post is intended to be informative, encouraging and enlightening. It’s intended to give you the knowledge you need for the decision and the tools you need to be set up to succeed from day one.

OK? Ok. Let’s begin.

How is Young Living different than any other MLM?

This is a big one for me, you guys. I had always kind of wanted to dive in to try network marketing out for myself, but all I could see was all the issues with each company. So here’s what stands out about Young Living, to me.


Most MLM companies are restricted to a demographic of some kind. But honestly, tell me what the Young Living demographic is? What’s the limit or constraint?

It’s not makeup or nails- it’s GOOD HEALTH. Thats limited to…. Everyone! If someone has a body, then they are someone who needs good health and wellness in their life. You are not restricted to a specific gender or age.

How incredible is that!?


Alright, I know there’s plenty of MLM companies that have been around a while. But Young Living is one of them, and that’s a major bonus point. 25 years!

Good health is not a fad. It’s not the latest weight loss program. It’s not a trend that’s going to end.

We are in it to win it, y’all.

The Jesus Aspect

This may not apply to you, but this is big for me. This company is full of people who love Jesus, who give their businesses to God every day, and who PRAY over you and your business!

As someone who has been distant from the church and good Christian community for a while, this feels like an invitation back to where I belong.

And even if this isn’t a good reason for you, know this: Many, many leaders in this company pray for their downlines, for their members, for YOU, daily. Even if you don’t believe in prayer or a Higher Power, I would think that you would still appreciate and be thankful for the sentiment.

But can you really make money in a “pyramid scheme”?

Normally this is where people tell you that it isn’t a pyramid scheme, and that those are illegal! Which is true, but that’s not the reasoning I’m going to give you.

We’re gonna look at this through another lens.

Look at any company, anywhere. Look at the corporate structure. What shape is it?

*Gasp!* A pyramid! Y’all, literally EVERY ORGANIZATION is shaped like a pyramid. That’s just how it is. It’s how the corporate/work world IS.

People say, “only the people who have been in since the beginning make money.”.

That’s just straight up not true, sorry. The people who make money are the people who get in, work hard, and stay in for the long haul. Does it take work? Yes! Does it take time? You bet!

Can it take years to reach the top? Uh, Yes. Usually does.

But tell me, how many months/years/decades does it take to reach the top of the pyramid at your current job? Is it even possible for you to get from your current position to the top?

Wouldn’t you rather be working towards a pyramid that has no income ceiling? How is that not the better choice here?

And this leads us into –

How much money can you make in Young Living anyway?

Y’all, let me tell you – I was FLOORED by learning about the earning potential in Young Living. The compensation plan is honestly incredibly generous.

Lets just take a look at the income disclosure statement here.

income disclosure statement


There are people making 6 figures a MONTH with Young Living – some of them haven’t been in the business more than 3-4 years (out of Young Living’s 25 year lifespan, remember).

How. Flipping. Incredible. Is that!?

I don’t know about you, but even if it took me average 97 months (just over 8 years) to reach those numbers, I’d much rather be working towards that vs working towards a salaried manager position, working for someone else. 8 years to be making over a million dollars annually? Mmkay, lets go.

“That’s nice but I don’t know any people and/or don’t want to sell to my friends”

Ok so here’s the deal.

Network marketing was not designed for you to sell to every single one of your friends. Network marketing is based on the concept of networking.

(Novel, eh?)

I’m going to be blunt. If you think that just inviting your friends to the same party over and over again and hoping that they will buy some of what you’re selling, you probably aren’t going to make it very far.

You need a few things to be able to do this:

-To build relationships! This isn’t about selling. This is about connecting with those around you, sharing about oils, and finding an area in their life that oils can serve them best.

-PASSION! You have to be excited about oils. Why am I excited about oils? Because THESE BOTTLES CHANGED OUR LIFE and you need to let them change yours too, if you want others to hop on board.

-The ability to step outside of your comfort zone. You have to find ways to break into NEW circles of people and start building relationships. Don’t have friends? Hit the internet. Don’t want to sell to anyone except that one person you know will love oils? Ask her if she will host you as a class teacher. Get c-r-e-a-t-i-v-e!

My Why

I’m doing this because oils changed our lives. Sleep Support. Hormone Support. Immune Support. To name a few.

Every day, I use at least 3-5 different bottles of this goodness in our home.

Every night, I turn our bedroom diffuser on so my husband can be calm, relaxed and get more restful sleep. Which is something that he did not have for over a decade.

Our child is growing up in a home that isn’t polluted with chemicals. The surfaces she eats off of, the things she puts in her mouth, are all being cleaned with products that I don’t worry about her breathing in. She’s going to learn that there are natural solutions to support the systems in her body.

I have hope that her hormones and emotions will already be on a better track than mine ever were, because she isn’t being exposed to hundreds of chemicals and toxins every day.

And you don’t want to get me started on financial freedom. I want to be able to give my kids a comfortable life where we don’t have to worry about sending me to go to work, or my husband having to get the next promotion in order for us to enjoy a few more little things.

Young Living has already changed our lives in so many ways because of the health it’s brought into our home. And I am so so excited to work hard, grow and see it change our lives in the way of financial freedom.

Does this sound like something you’re ready for?

It feels like a lot, I know. It’s a big decision. But you know what? Your family’s health and safety shouldn’t be a hard choice to make at all.

There is so much opportunity for you here. There is room for you at this table and I am so excited to bring you on this journey with me.

I want to able to lead you, be beside you, and provide you with community, encouragement and help as a leader to you.

If you want to chase this big dream. To work the way to the top of your own pyramid. If you want to have an income that enables you to do the fun things with your family that you have dreamed of (instead of being chained to a desk with a mediocre income) then join me.

I’ve got so many resources for you, I’ve got so many encouraging words for you! I’m so ready to be with you on this adventure.

Get started with me today. Lets change your life.

It all starts with getting your Premium Starter Kit here – that’s the first step in changing your life for the better.

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