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Essential Oils 101: What Oils to Start With

Essential Oils 101

The other day we covered the basics of essential oils, and today we’re diving deeper into WHICH oils you should start with! (and then if you wanna skip to the end, we have covered the Young Living Business opportunity as well.)

There’s over 300 oils on the planet, but thats pretty overwhelming! The truth is, you really only need about 10-20 oils to build a starting foundation for your oily life.

The best place to start is getting a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. This gets you a diffuser, 12 oils, and a few samples of some other great non-toxic products.

Why do I need a kit?

To really jump into chemical-free living, you need to start with a base of oils to choose from. The kit is the best way to do that because it’s literally 50% off.

In fact, it’s the only thing that is 50% off on the Young Living website.

Additionally, once you get your kit, you are also getting access to your 24% discount on the site! How cool is that?!

There is no annual fee, and you are only required to place one order a year of 50 “pv” (for most items on the website $1 spent equals 1 pv point, so that’s usually a $50 order you’d have to make. There are a few exceptions, like diffusers and starter kits, where the pv earnings are not $1 for 1 point.)

So what oils come in the kit and what do I use them for?

I’m going to just go down the line one by one and give you the lowdown. Please note, all of these oils have many more uses than the ones I list. I can only really scratch the surface on many of these, otherwise you’d be sitting here reading for hours.

Or maybe even days.

(I’m only kind of kidding.)

Alright, Jumping in.


An awesome oil for your skin or beauty routine, Frankincense is incredible for creating radiant skin. It’s also widely known to be very grounding in spiritual areas, so if you’re looking for a good oil to diffuse while praying or meditating, this is it!

Frankincense is jokingly referred to as the coconut oil of essential oils- because it has thousands of uses!

And I mean, if it was good enough for baby Jesus, it’s good enough for me! Ha!


The swiss army knife of oils, Lavender is a great bottle to always have within reach. It’s got a wide range of uses. If I’m looking for a solution for something on google, Lavender is usually somewhere on the list! It’s absolutely magical.

Its calming, relaxing properties make it excellent to use in your bath or diffusing at the end of a long day. The bright floral notes are excellent for soaps, perfumes, and other “good smelling” projects.

Everyone should have Lavender. If you were gonna pick one oil to always carry with you, this is the one.

Stress Away

Y’all. You know that moment when you get to the end of a long day and you’re still just carrying the weight of it on your shoulders?

Pop this bad boy in the diffuser (or even better, sprinkle some in a nice hot steamy shower!) and let all those stresses melt away. Stress Away is a yummy mood support blend that helps you relax and unwind at the end of the day.

This is a great go-to when you’re overwhelmed and just need to calm down.


Probably my favorite oil in my collection, Valor is incredible. It invokes a strong sense of courage and bravery. When I am nervous and need a little push to take a step, I get Valor on or in my diffuser!

It’s also very soothing when applied topically to sore areas.

It’s also a dark blue/purple color, which for whatever reason, I think is really cool.

Peace & Calming

There isn’t much to really describe here for the basic uses of Peace & Calming because, well, it’s all in the name!

This is a regular in our bedroom diffuser, and when my mind is overactive and won’t stop thinking – I reach for this little bottle! It packs a lot of punch for such a small ‘lil thing!


A blend full of several “hot” oils, this is a great soothing oil to use after a workout or long day on your feet. It gives a wonderful cooling feel on your skin and the aroma is sharp and strong, so it hits several senses all at once.

I find this is a great one to pop on when I have been working at my computer most the day and i feel the tension in my neck and shoulders.


Another oil that provides cooling feeling on the skin, but this has more sweet undertones to go with it! It’s excellent and comforting when you apply to your chest and throat and breathe deeply.

It really gives you an invigorating, empowering experience and it’s a great choice for pre or post workout, or when trying to release and wind down in the evening.

We Interrupt this broadcast to bring you: Vitality Oils

We talked in part one of this series about using oils internally – and Vitality oils are the ones you want for that. The FDA calls the Vitality Line “GRAS” (Generally Regarded As Safe)

These oils can be used for cooking, or in hot beverages. Used in capsules as supplement support, or under your tongue! Of course, they can also be used as just normal oils in the diffuser and topically as well.

Alright, lets jump back in.

Lemon Vitality

Lemon is hands down my most used oil. I use it every single day. I love having the Lemon Vitality handy because it is EXCELLENT in tea! Honey and lemon, yum yum! (You can get my favorite “Magic Tea” recipe over here)

Its handy for soups, it’s great in the diffuser, it’s got MAD power as a degreaser used alongside the thieves cleaner. There is a LOT of power in lemon!

Peppermint Vitality

Another great one for tea, whether you want to add to hot water with honey or use it to touch up your peppermint tea, this is perfect. It’s also the second ingredient to my above mentioned “magic tea.”

Peppermint is also incredible support for your digestive system and encourages healthy gut function.

Isn’t that a nice way of saying that?

Thieves Vitality

Respiratory support, immune support, and the third item needed for “magic tea” – Thieves is a spicy, soothing blend with a wonderful aroma. A go-to for our family to create a warm feeling in the winter months.

It’s also excellent in the diffuser, (paired with lemon nonetheless)! And the oil behind the Thieves Cleaning line.

Digize Vitality

Whether you want to take it by mouth in a capsule, drop some in your tea, or put a little on your belly – Digize is a great choice to support your digestive wellness routine.

I’ll admit – The smell of this oil is one of my least favorites! But it is one I still keep close nonetheless because it’s so effective.

Citrus Fresh Vitality

Oh my word, talk about fruity goodness in a bottle! Citrus Fresh holds antioxidant properties and may support general wellness. It’s tasty to add to your water to help you stay hydrated! (As are any of the citrus vitality oils!)

Personally I love tossing it in my diffuser with Thieves or Clove to get a Citrus spice aroma that makes me feel energized and uplifted.

The other stuff in the box

Other than the oils, you’ll get a Diffuser of your choice, 2 sample packets of NingXia Red, a sample packet of thieves cleaner concentrate, a small bottle of thieves hand sanitizer, and a full product guide. Oh, and two “roller fitments” that can be used on top of the bottles to turn them into rollers!

(Warning: don’t try the NingXia until you’re ready to be addicted to your new favorite superfood….)

All of it comes bundled in a beautiful box that will make you giddy and jump up and down when it arrives at your door. It’s like Christmas.

Getting started is easy

You can get your premium starter kit by clicking here. By joining as a member, you’re signing up with me which means you get access to one-on-one training for your oils, help for the business side of things if you want to pursue that, and lots of encouragement and tips from me along the way!

I also always schedule time when you get your kit to make sure you understand and know how to use each bottler.

Our homes are where we spend so much of our time. The things we keep in our cabinets have scary stuff on the labels. It’s time to take control of your families health and start replacing the yuck with products you feel good about using.

I don’t want to be part of the statistic that says the average woman exposes her body to 200+ chemicals in a day.

I want to do better for my body, for my health and for my family. And I did that by investing in our wellness with Young Living.

Click here to make the jump with me.

It’s a fun journey, I promise!

Which essential oils do I need?

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