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Essential Oils 101: Where To Begin

The Basics of Essential Oils

If you’re active on the internet, you’ve probably heard of essential oils by now. Maybe all you know is that they’re natural and people like them, or maybe you have more of a basic understanding of them!

Whether you’re a TOTAL newbie, or know a bit, this is you basic beginners guide to Essential oils!

If you want to learn about what oils you should start with, or learn more about the Young Living business opportunity, those are parts 2 & 3 of this series.

This post probably contains affiliate links. If you want the full lowdown on how this works, you can check out my disclosure policy here!

What are Essential Oils?

Shortest answer: Plants! Seriously!

Longer answer: Straight from the dictionary itself, “a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.”

My answer: Magic! (Ok, not really).

Essential oils are derived from real plants, herbs, trees, etc- distilled, and turned into concentrated powerful little liquids to be used topically, aromatically, and in some cases, internally.

Plants and herbs have been used for all kinds of benefits for, well, forever. And while diving into herbalism or become an aromatherapist sounds completely and utterly complicated, Essential oils don’t have to be!

How do you use Essential Oils?

There are several ways to use essential oils: Topically, Aromatically, and Internally. We’ll break each one down here simply.


You can apply oils to your skin! It’s recommended you use a “carrier oil” (something like coconut oil or grapeseed oil) when you’re using oils, (Some people use oils “neat”, without a carrier, which depending on the oil, the person, and the area, is fine! That’s a deeper lesson though.)

Why use a carrier oil? It was explained to me like this. Oils have small molecules, so they are absorbed very quickly into your skin. Carrier oils have larger molecules.

So for the oils to get into your system, they have to “bounce around” between those bigger carrier molecules to get into your skin. It slows the process down a bit so it’s easier and less overwhelming on your system.


This is the simplest use of oils for many, because it doesn’t require much knowledge (don’t need to think about a carrier oil or where to apply it).

You typically pick anywhere from 1 – 5 oils that blend well together, drop them in a diffuser with some water, press start, and the room will be filled with the the wonderful, glorious smell.

You also can hold a bottle below your nose and inhale deeply to get a quick, easy aromatic experience.

As I’m writing this, I have a “Citrus Fresh” blend and Clove oil mixed together in my diffuser – It’s a wonderful, bright aroma that has me feeling uplifted and focused


Internal use takes a littleeee more knowledge. There are some oils that are not recommended to be used on your insides (like Tea Tree (Metaluca) or Cedarwood.)

You also want to make sure you’re use a good quality oil that is intended for internal use. I only use the highest quality oils, Like Young Living. They even have a Vitality line that is specifically GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the FDA. These are the oils you wanna use for internal use.

Oils are incredibly potent, so you want to tread lightly with the amount you use.

This generally isn’t an area new oilers jump right into (though honestly, I jumped in feet first, early on!) – but it takes a little bit of learning! I have an excellent recipe for “Magic Tea” over here, it’s a simple, tasty place to start!

Where should I start with Oils?

Here comes the shameless plug, but it comes with good reasons so please hear me out.

The best place to start is a Young Living Starter Kit. (You can get started here)

I’m going to break it down and tell you why, I promise.

See, these kits were put together by people who know their stuff. All of the 12 oils that come in the box were picked because they are going to be a great place for you to start!

These oils are the basics. Some of them will be your number one go to everyday oils! This kit was made to help you get started transforming your home to a natural, oily lifestyle!

Why start with the kit? Not only is it the only thing on the Young Living site that is 50% off, it gives you access to the 24% wholesale discount FOREVER.

This means that you’re going to save some serious bucks, and it’s going to be easy to start transitioning your home.

Plus, the kit comes with a diffuser of your choice (I recommend the Desert Mist!) so you can get started right away with filling your home with these yummy smells.

What’s the catch?

Ok, honestly, there isn’t one. Young living is very transparent, and becoming a member is very simple~

But this is probably the info you’re defining as a “catch”, I’ll address it here:

Is there an ordering minimum?

If you buy the kit and just stay a plain ‘ole member, your minimum is one $50 order per year to keep access to the discount. That’s it.


How does free oils and supplements, and earning points back on every purchase sound to you?

Because THAT, my friends, is called Essential Rewards, and it’s MAGNIFICENT.

That sounds like a ridiculous commitment.

It’s not, I promise.

Here’s the breakdown.

Essential Rewards is your monthly wellness subscription. You can cancel it at any time. (for sake of transparency, I’ll include here: you DO have to make a phone call to do it. But they’re very nice!)

What you have to do: Spend the equivalent of “50pv” a month. (Usually, this works out to be $50. There are a few item exceptions that do not earn a point per dollar, but for most items on the site every dollar spent is a PV point)

What you get: first, you earn a percentage of your PV points back every month. The longer you’re on the subscription, the more points you earn (caps at 25% back).

Second, you get freebies! Every month, new “promos” are released. There are several tiers of PV that you have to spend, the higher the tier, the more free items you get! I’ve included an example below of what last month’s promos were. They are announced on the 1st day of every month, and are usually a little themed for the time of year.

January 2019 Promo

So, to summarize: Your wellness subscription gets you points back on purchases and free oils. If you are transforming your home to toxin free living, having a $50/month budget for that is a great idea, and you get so much back for it.

If you’re ready, it’s easy to get started.

You can click here and enroll right now through my website. Depending on the shipping you choose, your starter kit will arrive in about a week! Woohoo!

If you’re still unsure, this series will continue with a complete breakdown of the oils in the kit and how to use them, and then we’ll finish with the breakdown of Young Living as a business. Those posts will be live in the next few days!

I’m so excited to have you and others joining my amazing community. I can’t wait to support you as you change your household over to a chemical free lifestyle, and I will be with you every step of the way as you learn how to be oily! I love teaching people to oil, so if you order a kit, we can find some time to go over the contents together so you can get the most of it!

Let’s get started now!

Basic Essential Oil 101

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