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Best (Quiet!) Baby Toys for Newborn to 1

Best Baby Toys!

I don’t do the noise toys.

I’m sure when Nora is a bit older, we will inevitably have them.

But for now, they have not and will not enter our home. Anytime anyone asks about what to get Nora, we tell them we like quiet things that don’t sing.

Her only thing that makes noise is her activity, which is relatively quiet and the songs are pretty not-annoying (I’ve included it as the one “noisy exception” below). Plus she can only turn the songs on with her feet and she isn’t that coordinated yet.

So, since I’ve hunted the internet for toys that aren’t loud, I’ve rounded them up for you below.
This post probably contains affiliate links. If you want the full lowdown on how this works, you can check out my disclosure policy here!


Ok, talk about HOURS of entertainment. We gave these to Nora right about a month ago (5 months old), and she was SUPER into them from the start.

She loves dumping them out, throwing them, trying to chew on them.

They’re GOLD. Sometimes I’ll take just 4 with me out and about for her to entertain herself with. She loves it.

I actually had this exact set as a kid and they were our favorites. Especially great for bath time as we got a little older, too! Grab a set for your baby here.

Monster Pop-up Surprise

Great for once baby is sitting up and has some decent motor skills. Each time a character pops up, Nora greats it with a startle and a giggle. It’s simple, quiet, and keeps baby on her toes!

It’s a little bigger and bulkier than the other things on my list, but still relatively small and definitely meets the quiet guidelines.

Every time we get it out, I feel like her ability to use it independently grows. You can pick one up here.

3 Stage Activity Center

We got this instead of your typical “bouncer” because we liked that we will get a lot of use out of it as she grows.

This grows with baby and converts into a little table eventually, we got it because we really loved the simple design that grows with baby.

There is a light up “keyboard” at her feet that pays music, but it’s easy to switch off and its relatively quiet. The songs are too long or annoying.

You can snag one of these cute practical tables here!

Boomerings Links

Y’all might think I’m crazy, but these are seriously the best toy. I string them together and give them to Nora all in a row and she LOVES chewing on them.

They’re good for chewing, and easy for little hands to grasp. I know it seems overly simple and boring, but the colors and the textures are very entertaining!

Plus, you can use them in conjunction with the next thing on the list.

Get your links here. Yes really. I’m considering these a toy. You’ll believe me once your baby has them in their hand!

Bandana Buddies Toy

I got this specifically for the carseat. I use the links above to attach it to the backseat headrest in my car, since there is no way to hook it onto the convertible car seat we have for her.

It’s got lots of different textures, a small rattle, and plenty of good things to chew on! Its got a rattle which is quiet and great for a little noise for baby without singing the same song on repeat your whole drive.

Plus it’s just extremely cute, so there’s that.

Simple, sweet, and keeps her entertained for entire car rides.

Thats a win for me.

And of course there is several adorable animals to choose from. We have the fox. You can look at all the other animal options here.

Stack and Roll Cups

These are also something we got for Nora for Christmas. My only complaint about them is that they actually tend to be a little difficult to get apart. I think this will get easier with time/more use

They’re similar to the cups, but just different enough that its like giving baby a whole new toy! (Because we all know the name of the game is going from one item to the next!)

There is a tiny rattle ball that goes in the middle of them. It’s very cute – and quiet, of course!

Snatch them up here.

I’ve got my eye on a few others

I’m already compiling a list of quiet things to get for Nora for her first birthday (pretending that it isn’t coming up so so fast but we’re already half there.)

I’ll be sure to do a full round-up of what we get for her then (after I’m done crying about my baby turning one), but I hope these simple solutions help you keep your home quiet in the meantime!

Anything quiet that you love for babies under 1? Please share! We try to keep toys to a minimum to avoid clutter in our little home, but I can’t resist cute silent toys!

I’ll also take suggestions for how to cope with your child’s first birthday because, well. I don’t think I’m going to handle it well.

Send help.

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  1. Brittney Bonnie says

    These are awesome!! I’m also a HUGE fan of the shape sorting cube toys. They obviously require some finer motor skills but they’re always a hit!

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