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Easiest Bone Broth Recipe

Easy Bone Broth Recipe!

Everyone is talking about bone broth.

And if you don’t really know anything about it, your first reaction is probably “ew!”

Actually, even if you DO know anything about it, that probably is your reaction.

Now, I’m not going to go on and on about how wonderful bone broth is because I’m not an expert in that field. If you wanna learn about how good it is for you, you can go over here and check this information out.

I’m just gonna teach you how to make it, the simple way.

People post a lot of “recipes” for the broth

And I just look at them and kind of shake my head. Its broth. It’s not an exact science. And it certainly doesn’t require buying brand new produce just to make it!

This is not a recipe. This is just guidelines on how to make it yourself, with what you have on hand.
This post probably contains affiliate links. If you want the full lowdown on how this works, you can check out my disclosure policy here!

You can make broth with what you have.

I rarely buy things specifically for my broth, because you can make it with the food waste you already create every week. Win!!

Occasionally I will pick up some beef bones at the butcher – this is what is suppose to make “the healthiest broth” – but they’re expensive and half the point of making broth, for me, is to save money

So I just use what I have. Examples below.

The vegetables

The best things for broth are the veggies offcuts that you would normally throw away!


I use more onions and carrots in my kitchen than any other veggies, and those happen to be the best things to throw in your broth! Every onion layer I peel off, every carrot end, it all goes into a ziplock bag in my fridge.

Other things that are great to save and throw in:

garlic cloves with bad spots (or the tips you cut off the end if you’re weird like me and hate using a garlic press and instead chop your garlic)

Nubs of fresh ginger and tumeric. You know, that last little bit you cant run over the zester otherwise you’ll get your finger tips too.

Any part of the celery you don’t use elsewhere.

I save ALL of these things in my ziplock of veggies.

I also use veggies that are on their way to being no good any more. You’ll notice quite a bit of carrot and red onion in these pictures – it’s because they were about to go bad, so I just tossed em in!

The bones

Ok, there’s no way to take a pretty photo of a bag of frozen bones. I’m sorry. I tried (and tried and tried)

Then I considered just putting a stock photo of a real life chicken here but that felt kinda morbid.


So here. This is my bone bag that I keep in my freezer. It is almost always 100% chicken bones. Because, well. We like Chicken. (I happened to have a beef bone in the freezer when make the broth for this post but that is a rare case!)   

Here’s a bonus tip for free: Buying meat with the bone in is way cheaper! I almost exclusively buy bone in thighs and leg quarters now and use them in all my recipes. Cooking them in the instant pot is so easy and the meat falls right off the bone.

Whole chicken carcasses work awesome too. Whether it’s one you cooked yourself, or it’s from a grocery store rotisserie chicken!

So I take the bones and save them in my ziplock in the freezer. We cook with chicken a few nights a week so this works out to be a nice little bag’o’bones.

I feel like the creepiest person ever for keeping bones in my freezer, but whatever it’s fine.

Other things you need:

I always make my bone broth in my enameled dutch oven – it’s the biggest pot I own and it’s my go to for anything soup or broth.

Seriously, if you don’t have one of these – GET ON THAT by getting one here.


But more than anything, you need a mesh ladle for the final steps.. I did not have one the first time and I ended up using a solid ladle and a baking sifter to improvise.

That sifter had to be thrown out. Ha.

A few notes and tips.

-Firstly, you’ll notice a thick layer of something top of your broth. That’s the GOOD STUFF, it shows up as the broth cools. The thicker that layer is, the more goodness came outta your bones (I always notice a much thicker layer if I use beef bones, but I still get a nice layer of just chicken bones.)

When using the broth later, I always make sure that layer gets dumped in to what I’m cooking, too! It will melt into yummy, healthy goodness as soon as it gets hot.


-A lot of people say you can use bones twice. Since I use my bones after they have been cooked once already, the only bones I use twice is a beef bone.

Easiest Bone Brother Ever


Yields roughly 2-3 Quarts


Veggie offcuts. About a ⅓-1/2 of a gallon ziplock is a pretty ideal amount. More is fine! Less will work! (See what I mean about this not really being a recipe?

Bones. Enough to cover the bottom of the pot is what I aim for.

Water. Enough to fill the pot.

Turmeric! Lots. I probably add 1-2tbsp I rarely have fresh on hand, powdered is fine! (When shooting these photos, of COURSE I rant out of turmeric. Its not essential to making broth but its so good for you, I always add it in.) (Again, see, not really a recipe!)

  1. If you’re using beef bones, bake them in the oven for an hour prior to putting them in the broth.
  2. Place all bones in bottom of the pot, and cover with water until the pot is as full as it can be without boiling over.
  3. Add the turmeric.
  4. Cover and bring bones and water to a boil, reduce to simmer.
  5. Check on the broth every hour or so for the next 4-5 hours. I add some fresh water when it has boiled down a fair bit.
  6. Around hour 4-5, add the veggies in and cover again. Continue to simmer for 2-3 hours, still adding fresh water as needed.
  7. Remove from heat and use mesh ladle to strain out veggies and bones, discard**
  8. Transfer your broth into storage container of your choice – I use 3 quarter size mason jars.
  9. Use for up to 1 week, or freeze for later!


** please remember that you are dealing with cooked bones that smell very yummy to furry friends. If you have dogs that may get into your trash, please make sure to take it out to the bin when you’re done so they cannot get into it. **
Easy Bone Broth Recipe and Tips!


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