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How To Stop Being Overwhelmed With The Mess


Raise your hand if you struggle to keep up with the mess

Girlfriend, you are NOT alone. As I’m writing this, I can count no less than 8 dirty dishes within my view – and I am not in my kitchen.


Maybe that isn’t a good way to lead into my post that tells you how to keep up with your house…..

But guess what? My sink is empty right now and I’m doing ok with the laundry pile.

And it’s all thanks to my chore chart I implemented a few months ago.

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I tried to find a chore chart on Pinterest to help me get on track

So I searched, and was blown away by how LONG most of these charts were! Daily tasks averaged 5-7, weekly tasks at least that many as well, and then a big pile of monthly tasks too!

I swear, is the only thing we’re suppose to be doing is cleaning?!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that trying to keep up with a house is a lot of work. But as a mama who works at home, I was left trying to figure out how to keep my house in decent shape and still get any work done. Not to even mention the whole, taking care of a baby thing,

So I set out to figure out what system I could implement that would create balance between my mom life, work life, and house work.

I learned that on a busy day, I can only get two tasks done.

Busy day meaning:

Husband is working so baby duty is 100% me.

Dinner needs to be made.

Work to-dos exist.

And probably a shower at some point, because you gotta schedule that stuff now.

If you’re like me and you are overwhelmed by everything, then a whole list of 20 bazillion chores to do every day isn’t going to be your solution.

In fact, maybe it even completely paralyzes you to have such a big list in front of you.

So. I’m calling this the two-task method. And guess what-

Of those two daily chores, one of them is ALWAYS a load of laundry.

Because, lets face it, the laundry mountain is always there. There is NO SHORTAGE of laundry to be done. So it is on my list daily. Because I have found that, when I stay caught up on laundry, it leaves a lot less clutter around our very small house.

But the deal is, since that is one of my chores – I have to do the laundry AND PUT IT AWAY.

Ugh. That’s the worst part, am-I-right?

But y’all, this system works. Because it’s attainable and simple. And it’s easier to quickly put away one load of laundry every day instead of putting away an entire dresser worth of clothes after a laundry-binge (we’ve all done it.)

Is my house spotless? Certainly not (please note the 8 dishes on my coffee table… tomorrow is living room day!) 

But it’s much more kept up with and a lot less cluttered.

It’s certainly not a cure that magically makes your house spotless

But we have young kids. Our houses aren’t GOING to be spotless. So we can keep trying to chase that lofty dream of always looking like an HGTV dream home, OR we can work towards keeping the clutter minimized, the laundry mostly kept up with, and the 

If you are struggling to get your mess under control, this is going to be a good step for you. Because like you, I was drowning. And now I feel like I’m (just a few steps) ahead of the mess.

I’ve given up having a perfectly clean house. I want a lived in home, that is full of memories, and is manageable to get from it’s average state to tip-top shape in a short afternoon if company is going to be coming by.

Somedays, you won’t get your two chores done. Some weeks, you’ll miss it every single day. (That was me last week).

But by setting up a simple and attainable routine, it’s certainly been easier for us to stay on top of things.

Ready to tackle this? Click here to get your printable chore chart.



  1. Brittney Bonnie says

    We’re learning to finally get things done around here again. I’m gonna be checking out that chore chart though because someone (my husband) needs a little help with chores!

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