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Create a Calm and Relaxing Sleep Environment

Essential Oils Changed Our Lives

My husband couldn’t sleep peacefully through the night until essential oils entered our home. We had tried numerous routes and things to help him have a deep, peaceful sleep – but nothing supported good sleep until we found oils.

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Our sleep routine now includes the following oils:


There’s some others I toss in (I’ll get to those in a moment), but these are my number one go-to oils for a relaxing environment. All of these are in the roller bottle that lives by hubby’s bedside.

2 of the 4 oils listed above are part of the Young Living Premium Start Kit. If you’re interested in snagging a kit and getting access to the 24% member discount (plus oodles of rewards), you can do that here.

Sleep has always been elusive for my husband

One of the biggest struggles of our marriage has been Curtis’ sleep schedule.

His job has him on an inconsistent schedule of weird hours, which means going to bed & waking up at some of the worst times of day.

And then suddenly having to completely flip his days & nights around for a schedule change.

On TOP of that, he has never been a healthy sleeper. Different medications through his teen years, and all sorts of concoctions through his 20s just led to a tired body that still wasn’t getting rest.

Then he met me. The hippie.

And for several years, we went a vicious cycle of arguments over how bad his sleep aids were for him, but how he needed them, yada yada.

It was a touchy subject in our home.

Y’all don’t want to know how many bottles of Nyquil I have thrown out when he wasn’t looking. (Not my finest moments)

And I don’t want to know how many he has hidden around the house.

We tried it all

If you have similar issues, I’m sure you’ve tried all sorts of things.

Melatonin doesn’t really work that well.

White noise isn’t a solution at all. (The fan has been the bane of my existence since we got married.)

Prescription medication leaves you feeling groggy and unrested at the end of the day.

So, Like you, I was never satisfied with the results we were getting, and Curtis was still left waking up for his work day feeling like he hadn’t slept a wink.

Enter scene: Essential Oils

Our first encounter with essential oils for sleep was using just plain Cedarwood oil – in the diffuser and smeared all over Curtis.

The woodsy aroma creates a relaxing environment and is very soothing and tranquil. It was absolutely refreshing to be able to go to bed with my husband who was now calm through the night.

He wasn’t ready to let go of the fan, and he still popped a Melatonin on stressful nights, but the new environment in our bedroom was absolutely wonderful.

I felt like there were more options to promote more healthier sleeping habits, so I started reading. I compiled a list of soothing, relaxing and calming oils, and placed an order.

This box smelled like heaven.

And so did our room. The environment has totally changed from being high strung and stressed, to being the most peaceful place in our home.

I’ve combined several of the oils into a roller that goes on the bottoms of his feet (and sometimes on his chest.) Additionally, I always have our bedroom diffuser going with some combination of these calming and relaxing oils. We’ve ditched the fan (though we do still have rain noises going most nights, which I can live with.)

With the diffuser going, I’m finding myself feeling way more loose and able to let go of the day’s stressors. It’s really incredible.

Here’s the recipe for our night time roller:

15 drops Lavendar
10 drops Vetiver
5 Frankincense
5 Cedarwood
Top off roller with carrier of choice (we love fractionated coconut oil).

If you don’t have any rollers, I’m super obsessed with my set of rainbow glass roller bottles – you can be my twin and get them right here!

It really, truly changed our life overnight.

I love my oils and all of the uses we have for them, but relaxing at night is most definitely the best one of them all. It’s amazing how much better a day ends when you can be relaxed and not-stressed as you lay your head down.

I’m getting excited about going to bed just thinking about the yummy smells that await me in there!

All of my friends will tell you that I don’t shut up about my oils (Ok…. a lot of posts here probably have already told you that.)

But they have legitimately been completely life changing for our family.

I hopped on the Young Living Oils train, and I’m so glad I did – It gives me access to the wholesale discount, which is pretty rad. You can read all about why I specifically chose Young Living by clicking here.

If you just wanna dive right in and get started, you can grab the Premium Starter Kit. The kit comes with 2 of the oils you need for the Sleepy Roller, which are extra discounted for being in the starter kit! You can get your kit here!


The full list of oils I use in our bedroom at night

Peace and Calming*

*these come in the premium starter kit! Frankincense is a $$$ oil on it’s own so that especially makes the starter kit a great buy.

I use most of these oils for quite a few other things on a daily or weekly basis- it’s not like they’re just good for one use. They’re really quite magical.

Have you used essential oils in the bedroom? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


  1. Amanda @ Healthy House on the Block says

    Isn’t it amazing to have these tools right at your fingertips?! I’m amazed at how much they have helped with sleep and winding down in our house. Lavender and Cedarwood is a go to for our sleep roller on our kids (sometimes we add a drop of orange too). And vetiver is amazing in the diffuser after dinner. So many wonderful options, it’s hard to decide! Love this post — thank you for sharing!

    • Jamie says

      Lavendar and Cedarwood- one of the two is always in the nighttime diffuser! I agree, sometimes it’s too hard to choose – teehee! Thanks for stopping in and reading!

  2. Brittney Bonnie says

    I need to hop on this train too. A sleepy time diffuser is so what this house needs! I think I’ll work on that in the next few paychecks.

    • Jamie says

      A little bit every paycheck adds up quick! You always know where to find me when you wanna chat. We use our oils for so much, but the relaxing and calming routine is a was where we started and had a huge impact!

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